Perfect for Under The Christmas Tree

The North Pole Is In Lockdown...

A fun, rhyming Christmas tale about how a community came together, even though they had to stay 2 metres apart!

A mystery virus is spreading the globe, the toy factory has been closed and the elves have been told to work from home.

Rudy becomes the local delivery man, Flo the elf streams daily P.E sessions and the factory elves are trying to work from

home whilst home-schooling their kids.......Everyone has had enough!

Luckily, Father Christmas has a plan and with a little bit of hard work, social distancing and some new designer PPE, he's 

confident the North Pole can save Christmas!

DEBUT Author

Danielle is just a regular mum, who happens to enjoy writing poems and stories for children, to make them smile.

"Lockdown has been such a strange time for us all, especially children and so I felt it was important to capture some memories and make them into a fun story for them to enjoy. I’ve always wanted to write a book before I was 40...Technically, I’m already 40, but do lockdown birthdays really count?

When the family said this could be ‘The Book', I found the lovely Eloise at Book Bubble Press who has helped me with my publishing journey and took the leap! Making people smile has always been important to me, so I’m hoping this book does that for the reader.

Danielle Corrigan

TARGET  Audience

Child of any gender age 4-9.  Can read themselves and/or enjoys being read to and loves bedtime stories with Mum and Dad. Also loves rhyming stories with fun characters.


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