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The North Pole

Lockdown 2

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by Danielle Corrigan


The North Pole Lockdown 2

A fun, rhyming and unique children’s Christmas story of how Father Christmas, his elves and everyone at the North Pole work together to stay safe and save Christmas!

After a busy night placing presents under the tree Father Christmas, his elves and everyone at the North Pole is ready for a well earned break. But with the mystery virus still circulating the globe things are still very uncertain. Will the elves be able to go on holiday?  Will all the children ever get back to school? …And will Mrs Claus finally be able to get her hair done?

A brilliant follow on story from The North Pole Lockdown, which captures key moments of this strange time in a fun, festive and feel-good way for all the family to enjoy!


The North Pole Lockdown 1

A mystery virus is spreading the globe, the toy factory has been closed and the elves have been told to work from home.
Rudolph becomes the local delivery man, Flo the elf streams daily P.E sessions and the factory elves are trying to work from home whilst home-schooling their kids... Everyone has had enough!
Luckily, Father Christmas has a plan and with a little bit of hard work, social distancing and some new designer PPE, he's confident the North Pole can save Christmas!
A fun, rhyming Christmas tale about how a community came together even though they had to stay 2 metres apart!

Suitbale for kids of all ages.

Book Features

Danielle and her books have been featured in lots of places, been read by hundreds of children and their families, made lots of people laugh and smile and have helped children within communities.

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Morrison’s Children’s Literacy


The Wonders of Winderly Wood

An enchanting children’s rhyming story perfect for promoting mindfulness and relaxation.
Danielle Corrigan’s The Wonders of Winderly Wood is a delightful story about a child and the adventure she takes as her imagination explores the possibilities for what is hiding inside the woods. This enchanting rhyming story of ice castles, a labyrinth of woodland walkways and a dazzling ice castle creates a moment of calm, encouraging mindfulness, visualisations and relaxation in young children.
The story has been brought to life with stunning illustrations, which capture the true beauty of a child’s imagination as they have been drawn by the author’s daughter, Brooke aged 11.
Suitable for children aged 4-8.


The HUG That Had To Hibernate

The Hug That Had To Hibernate is a lovely, heart warming tale about a hug who is told he can no longer wrap his long, fluffy arms around others to give them a cuddle.

With nothing left to do, Hug decides to hibernate and it’s only when he starts dreaming of all the hugs he’s ever given, does he come to realise just how important it is to enjoy  he spends sharing a hug embrace... because you just never know when you might not be able to do it again.

A beautiful bedtime story for children to enjoy whilst remembering all the hugs they’ve ever had and how they made them feel.

Suitable for children aged 4-8

About the Author

I have spent most of my career working in recruitment, learning & development roles and loved creating engaging, fun training sessions for my colleagues to enjoy. I was made redundant from my role in December 2019 and once I’d got over the worry and stress of not having any real work, I took the opportunity to enjoy my time at home with the kids. Home-schooling was probably one of the toughest jobs I have EVER had but how incredibly special was it to spend so much quality time with Brooke and Louis (they may not feel the same..lol!). When I wrote The North Pole Lockdown, at first it was just going to be for my kids as Iwanted to capture some of those important memories for them to always remember 2020 by. However, with the support of my family and Eloise Attenborough at Book Bubble Press I was able to turn my little story and scruffy drawings into an actual BOOK!  I’ve gone on to write a few other children’s stories, some inspired by the pandemic and others based on team work and emotions.  I love writing, I love being creative and I love making others happy and I just hope you’ll find my new stories as enjoyable.

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